Obliege The Noise... Forgive The Awkwardness!

June 11, 2014
MeanRockStar.Meet.HateDept: Spirit - New Ghost: Remix Collection - Volley I
  1. Disconnector - Produkt
  2. Hard Times - Slighter
  3. Disconnector - Sweat Boys
  4. Already Over - Cabo Joe & Chop-Chop
  5. Matrimonial Blood - Idiot Stare
  6. Still Child - Nick Meade
  7. Already Over - Julian Beeston
  8. Hard Times - Roger Lopez
  9. Disconnector - MSHAA
  10. Broken Rule - Murder Love God
  11. Already Over - Jeff Stumpp
  12. Still Child - Rijjet Rogets
  13. New Son Army - Slighter

It seems so obvious. Hate and Mean. They go together like "Peanut Butter" and "Screw-Off, Jerk!"

I cannot tell you how many "missed connections" ad had to be filed and read before this match of animosity could finally bring these two together. So, maybe I could tell you. But, hey, screw-off, jerk!

Hate Dept. has been around for ages. Their origins are in the 909. That alone makes them awesome. As it happens, they write great music and put on a nice and scary loud live show. Last year, they released a new album after a long hiatus. The result was the great New Ghost. If you listen closely to the track "Broken Rule", you might hear the vocal stylings of Cabo Joe (AKA Just Joe), Chop-Chop and Tone Lolo on one of the choruses.

Sometime after the release of New Ghost, Hate Dept. offered up the chance for anyone to re-mix their latest. Cabo Joe & Chop-Chop and The Rijjet Rogets jumped at the chance. Hate Dept. begrudgingly accepted the remixes with great malice. The Hate Dept. remix collection is called Spirit.

Here is what Hate Dept. had to say about Cabo Joe & Chop-Chop and the remix of "Already Over":

I know you've had the feeling that someone is [expletive] with you. Or maybe, there are artists so serious about avoiding discovery, that they might leave the country before you ever put on the headphones. I have no idea who Cabo Joe and Chop-chop actually are. We e-cross paths often. I've listened to their records. We get one another. But truthfully, I have no idea if we've sat and laughed over beer, years ago, in our old stomping ground of the 'Inland Empire'. Or, if we simply have mutual friends in that part of California. They sent vocal tracks to be included on 'Broken Rule' that where maniacal voices of hysterically amused children, coached by patient adult whispers. Messages and requests go un-answered and investigation leads in circles. When I 'hit' the play button, I stop caring and just listen. I think that's what they want from me, and you. Stop caring, just listen.

Here is what Hate Dept. had to say about The Rijjet Rogets and the remix of "Still Child":

I've already said that I don't have a favorite, but this is one I play often because I love the genres of 'ambient' and 'random', which Rijjet Rogets manages to combine beautifully, sort of 'rambient', if you will. The lack of information about the artist at iTunes, Amazon and Facebook, leads me to believe it's the same artist known as Cabo Joe [who also provided a remix on this album]. I love this mix because of the way it swirls around the 'slowed down' vocal, emphasizing the sadness of loss. I, for one, appreciate a more punctuated sentiment. I'm sold, you have my attention Rijjet Rogers. Thank you.