Obliege The Noise... Forgive The Awkwardness!

May 29, 2014
A Artist Spotlight: Nick Ratliff
  1. Tomorrow Died
  2. Hazy Day
  3. Hide From the Moon
  4. Tiny Tim
  5. The Last Song
  6. Stoli Crown (the party)
  7. Rock Music (the blackout)
  8. Woke in a Bad Dream (the hangover)
  9. Long Time Running
  10. Unpainted Roof

At, we don't just want to push records that we make. That would be boring. We also want to be puppets for the world machine. And being a cog in good standing sometimes meaning talking about what the machine want to talk about.

Nick Ratliff, from what we can glean, is some sort of desert tortoise with a guitar that crawled his way from Tuc-son to Los Angel-less, one seedy dive bar at a time.

He has done some respectable (and some despicable) work with something call Devastating Karate, The Setups and The Rat and Jax Project.

"Hazy Days" is the album that Mean Machine wants you to know about. It is Nick "Rat" Ratliff's first solo album. The arrangements have been stripped down more than a daytime exotic dancer. The approach works. The album provides a dark soundtrack that brings to mind the beach-cities around Los Anegeles where I imagine that this album was written and/or recorded.