Obliege The Noise... Forgive The Awkwardness!

December 16, 2014
Merry Hatemas: Sojourners - New Ghost: Remix Collection - Volley III
  1. Subordinates - Holokade
  2. Better Days - Damsel in the Dollhouse
  3. New Son Army - Slave Unit
  4. Subordinates - mnpltr
  5. Broken Rule - Deathproof
  6. Still Child - ENDIF
  7. Subordinates - Sweat Boys
  8. Disconnector - Cabo Joe & Chop-Chop
  9. Still Child - Roger "gReen bEAn" Lopez
  10. Hard Times - Steven OLaf
  11. Still Child - Kent Ward
  12. New Son Army - musichatesyouall
  13. Matrimonial Blood - Saemskin
  14. Hard Times - Covered In Spiders

We don't understand. We will never understand. Hate Dept. accepted another remix for their latest remix release: Sojourners, volley III.

"I put the three remix records," said Seibold of Hate Dept. "Spirit, Spectre and Sojourners on my iPod and have been listening to them on repeat. As the tracks roll by, I feel like we're hanging out. For some of you, I can picture your face, hear your voice, and recall real-life situations we've shared. For others, our messages back and forth left me with little bits of the rapport that I attached to your talent. I'm very thankful that I have such talented and good friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Have yourself a little merry Hatemas.