Obliege The Noise... Forgive The Awkwardness!

Cabo Joe & Chop-Chop
You can feel my face when I am with you.
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Seriously. Is there anything more annoying? Why can't all fried be covered in pastrami, chili, bacon, and cheese with some mustard and pickles? Why?

Francis was a pretty horse. And he knew it. He would prance around the yard whine until someone would comb or braid his mane. One Friday, he left the yard and went to town. We don't know how he got out of the yard, but we suspect that the gate was left open by that little brat, Wendy, that took lessons on Friday mornings.

Wendy didn't like horses. She was truck girl. Oversized wheels and engines was what got Wendy excited. But, Wendy was only 10, so it would be a few years before she could drive. She could ride a horse now.

Wendy took lessons at the Bowie Ranch: Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings.

Fred Reznik now owned the Bowie Ranch. The biggest problem wasn't Wendy, however, it was Fred. Old Fred was a vegetarian. If he ate fries then he ate them plain or with a slight pinch of salt. Frances wanted more.

Released Date: March 15, 2016