Obliege The Noise... Forgive The Awkwardness!

No Cuts, No Gory (February Lies & Alibis)
Cabo Joe & Chop-Chop
There is nothing as senseless as the determination of a nut to find a squirrel.
  1. Cuddlier in Butter
  2. Mrs. Bitter
  3. Cuts so Soft
  4. Only Thursday
  5. Trash
  6. Gory (In the Name Of)
  7. Lemon Spotting
  8. Maniac (Happy Happy Cheer Cheer)
  9. Somewhere in Texas Is a Lonely Burger
  10. Take the Ticket

Our "Road Trip" turned into a major bummer once we realized that no one had a car. We'd been planning this trip where we travel to the Grand Canyon and to the Great Lakes. It was going to be epic. We planned on finding locations to play along the way. And were going to going record our Grandest and Greatest hits live. But, that was not to be.

We hung out at home. We watched some TV. We created this album. We re-invented bean dip, too (that, however, is a different story).

Released Date: April 25, 2015