Obliege The Noise... Forgive The Awkwardness!

Sustenance - Volume Three
Cabo Joe & Chop-Chop
Speeding trains and flattening nickels on the tracks.
  1. Logo 2
  2. Gold Purple Pink
  3. December 32
  4. Generator X
  5. Alma Mater
  6. Immoral Mortals (Moral Immortals)
  7. Jack 2nd Grade
  8. Forget My Name
  9. Berkley
  10. Ouch

Not everyone can hear in both ears. Charlie, for instance, can only hear in his right. If he places his hand over his right ear, he swears that he can hear the ocean in his left.

When Charlie was 8, he decided to place a nickel on some railroad tracks and wait for the train to come by and flatten the coin. Here's the thing, however. I know pennies flatten just fine, but I don't know if a nickel does... and I never will. For you see, when that train came flying down the rails, it hit the nickel and shot it off the tracks like a bullet from a .22. And that nickel bullet hit poor ol' Charlie on the left side of his face right where the jaw hinges. It broke his jaw and burst his eardrum. And that was it. So, Cabo Joe & Chop-Chop would like to dedicate "Sustenance — Volume Three" to Charlie "Mono" Wishaken. May the ocean in your left ear sound as sweat as this record.

Released Date: August 19, 2014