Obliege The Noise... Forgive The Awkwardness!

Olive Few
Cabo Joe & Chop-Chop
This ain't your li'l sister's best friend (that-you-may-or-may-not-have-kissed-in-Canada-once) type of record. Nope, this is ROCK. Straight-up ROCK. Dope licks and killer tricks.
  1. This Time
  2. Save, Save The Crab
  3. 17 Mile Drive
  4. Earth Day
  5. I Am The Lobster
  6. Hush (The Butterfly Song)
  7. Nothing's Worth Anything
  8. Venez Le Jeu Avec Moi (The Penguin Song)
  9. Wisdom Teeth Dream (17 Mile Redux)

Two months of no sleeping. Two months of not being awake. Two months. That is nearly twice as long as one month. And that is a good enough reason (if a reason were actually to have been sought) to find this new place of isolation, this new place of peace, this new place of hypocrisy and lies. Can it be?

This new offering is "Olive Few". It should be known. It's the new, best thing. It is like orange and blue and chocolate milkshakes on the moon and you are a trusty lumberjack who is either blind or just homesick. You have never felt quite like this. This is tremendous. Can it be?

Begin from the beginning.

We are as "Rock" as anything that might ever be known. You can't be dangled out the window of a twelfth floor apartment by your ankles and not appreciate the custom design on the shoes of women who has put your there. France.

Listening to the future scream and placed upon the shelf and left undusted for at least three half hour situation comedies. Can you see? Can it be?

With everything, there is in incontinence and flatulent romance on every level of degradation. Mankind must listen.

Yes. It can be. It already is.

Released Date: June 13, 2008