Obliege The Noise... Forgive The Awkwardness!

Wreck Oar Dings
Cabo Joe & Chop-Chop
Eccentric, childish, mediocre, out-of-tune, not-quite-right, not-quite-good, music for palm trees to scream along.
  1. Don't Wanna Fight
  2. Black Tar Haircut
  3. I Sing Through Your Eyes
  4. Canned Heat
  5. We Are Good Boys
  6. The Ballad Of Denny And Penelope
  7. Halitosis Constipation
  8. With Your Fate
  9. Got No Attraction
  10. I Sing Through Your Eyes (Again, 1975)
  11. You Never Say Hello To Me

Cabo Joe and Chop-Chop are a negatively-tinged/roots/metal/alternative rock band from the Inland Empire (Southern California). Their spirit was born in the deserted shopping malls of a forgotten time. A glowing fusion of feeble and tactile that crawls to the sonic surface of an imploding self-indulgence and proclaims that this day must always be.

Their sound encapsulates melodic discords over an inharmonious rhythm section. Cabo Joe and Chop-Chop began their odyssey as a duo in 1998 with forgery through modest effort and an undeniable respect for the insignificant. Suffered from within the belly of a twenty-three year old voluptuous pineapples harvested on the last day of the third week of the season of twilight, Cabo Joe and Chop-Chop begin to beg for what should never pretend to be.

Rock and roll has a long and rich history of duos that have changed the audible landscape of our lives. Cabo Joe and Chop-Chop hope to expand upon that tradition in ways that have yet to be imagined. Their music and attitude have earned them their place at the great rock and roll table with other great duos of our time: Simon & Garfunkel, Hall & Oats, Belle & Sebastian, Salt-N-Pepa, Iron & Wine, and Guns & Roses. And it is in this place, it is with this consciousness that Cabo Joe and Chop-Chop became, as you understood that this could one day indubitably be. For without this lack of profound disrespect, Cabo Joe and Chop-Chop could have never achieved the defiance required to falsify their individual continuation and neighborhood (abhorrent as it may seem). And it must be known (if only to no one), that Cabo Joe and Chop-Chop are.

The greatest of all things to have ever chipped away at the stone of mediocrity with the tenacity of the army of vermin, is not the end-all, be-all. This is not the state. This is not the flower of a winter dance spray-painted with aluminum paint and glued to the seat of an old pick-up. This is not what will become after the ashes of nothingness rain down upon our city of filth and share with whoever is present the gift of fineness and likeability. It all seems like some sort of a misread dream. It all feels so unevenly disjointed and jostled to the point of incoherence. But, I assure you that Cabo Joe and Chop-Chop are.

Yes. This is what.

Released Date: April 28, 2008